How to find the best protective packaging supplies for your goods

How to find the best protective packaging supplies for your goods

How to find the best protective packaging supplies for your goods

Protective packaging supplies are essential for your business. But how do you choose the right types of protective packaging for your goods and business needs? We will cover everything you need to know about protective packaging to find the best solution for your packaging operations.

What is protective packaging?

Protective packaging supplies are designed to ensure that your products are protected and reach their destination in the same condition as before they were transported. During the distribution cycle, there are several situations where your goods risk being damaged: rough handling when stacked, unexpected movements during transportation, or unstable pallets when stored.

Different types of protective packaging

Protective packaging supplies can refer to many different products such as grip seal plastic bags, loose-fill, bubble wrap, packing paper, corrugated paper all the way to pallet wrap and stretch film. We offer a selection of protective packaging materials to protect both large and small products. In our range, you will find supplies such as bubble wrap rolls in different sizes, inflatable air cushions, void fill, and grip seal plastic bags.

Sustainable options for protective packaging

At Lindum Packaging, we want to offer environment-friendly options when it comes to protecting your goods, such as Biofill biodegradable loose fill, a sustainable protective packaging, to keep your fragile boxed goods safe during transit.

3 questions to find the right packaging for your needs

There are so many different types of protective packaging supplies on the market which can make it difficult to find a suitable one for your operations. Here are some questions to keep in mind when choosing between different packaging options:

  • Which type of material are you going to transport? Sensitive goods like ceramics, edible products, or textiles are examples of products that require extra protection.
  • How are your goods going to be transported? The different transportation methods present different risks to minimize: vibrations, changes in temperature, or drops.
  • Do you want to use sustainable protective packaging? Packaging materials have a great impact on the environment and by choosing sustainable options such as biodegradable loose fill or recycled content pallet wrap, your company can reduce its carbon footprint.


Why is it important to use protective packaging materials?

No matter how big your business is you will need protective packaging materials to ensure that your goods are kept safe and well protected during transit, storage, or shipping.

Here are three reasons why you should use protective packaging supplies:

  1. To make a good first impression on your customers. A well-wrapped product/pallet shows your customers that your business is serious and reliable. It also shows that you place value on your own products.
  2. To maintain a good reputation in your industry. Damaged goods make dissatisfied customers. Dissatisfied customers are likely to order products from another company the next time and might give you negative reviews which can hinder potential customers from doing business with you.
  3. To avoid unnecessary costs. If you use high-quality protective packaging for your products you won’t have to pay for damaged goods or unnecessary stops in the packaging process.

Does your business need help in finding the best types of protective packaging for your business? Contact us today.