The benefits of pallet wrap with 30% recycled content

The benefits of pallet wrap with 30% recycled content

Here at Lindum we have a wide range of pallet wrap and stretch film options to suit different packaging operations. Our latest addition – our eco-friendly recycled content stretch film offers a wide range of benefits for expert pallet wrapping.

Why 30% recycled content film?

The introduction of pallet wrap with recycled content is in response to the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax. First discussed in 2018, the tax was introduced on 1 April this year. The basis of the tax is to ensure plastic packaging products are made with a minimum of 30% recycled content, otherwise they are liable for the tax.

The aim of the tax is to help stimulate the growth of recycling technologies here in the UK; therefore increasing plastic recycling and helping to reduce plastic – a sustainability goal of many businesses.

In light of this, Lindum developed a market leading stretch film option made with 30% recycled content. An eco-friendly stretch film with nano technology and all the benefits of our standard range – just with 30% less virgin plastic.

Benefits of our 30% recycled content film

There are many benefits to using our recycled content machine stretch film, including:

Nano technology – Nano technology gives film greater strength and puncture resistance, and with greater stretch capabilities, less plastic is needed too – helping you to reduce your plastic pallet wrap.

Sustainability – With many companies striving to meet their sustainability goals, our eco-friendly pallet wrap means less raw materials are used. Plastic is also reduced, helping move towards more sustainable packaging.

Plastic reduction – Made with 30% recycled content, means that that’s 30% less virgin plastic than a standard pallet wrap. A more eco-friendly stretch film option, when looking at amount of plastic used in production.

Reduced CO2 – Using less plastic also means less CO2 too. Reducing virgin plastic by 30% in a recycled wrap means that CO2 will be reduced too.

Same great performance – A newly developed product like our recycled wrap wouldn’t be part of the Lindum product range if it didn’t boast the same great performance as that of our existing stretch film products. High quality performance but with 30% recycled content.

Plastic Packaging Tax –Aside from the sustainability benefits of using 30% recycled stretch wrap, you will also avoid having to pay the tax. By using our recycled content stretch film you will not be liable to pay the £200 per tonne tax.

If you want any further information about our recycled content machine stretch film, or have any questions, contact our team of packaging experts today. They will gladly talk you through the benefits of our recycled wrap, switching your supply over to recycled content, or any other transit packaging related issues you may have.