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There are some interesting times ahead.  Are we heading towards the ‘perfect storm’ of Christmas pressure and Brexit?


We are starting to see our customers ramp up their ordering and we are sure many are dusting off their ‘Brexit Plan’ from earlier in the year but don’t get caught out!  We all know that extra demand causes pressure throughout the supply chain and there is potential for supply shortages, as lead times for ingredients, raw materials and packaging all increase.

Here’s a few simple ways you can ensure that your production doesn’t stop during Brexit and Christmas:


Work out your production volumes

Work with your customers to create an accurate volume forecast.


Place your forward orders now

Place your orders for raw materials and packaging now.  This will allow you to better plan and manage production time.


Partner with suppliers who can hold stock available for call-off

Companies who do this can produce goods during the quieter periods and hold it in stock.  We can hold your packaging Stock and make it available for call-off with no lead time when you need it urgently.  We also offer Same and Next Day delivery!


Check bespoke products

Retailers often require custom packaging or labelling to help them through the Christmas period.  Check out these requirements now and get them ordered.  They often have longer lead times than the standard products.


Service Packaging equipment

Take the opportunity of the quieter period now to service packaging equipment, ensuring that it runs smoothly through this busy  period.  Perhaps book one of our Lean Integrated Packaging Surveys, if you haven’t’ already benefited from one!

Remove dead stock

You will need every bit of space you have got, so take the opportunity to clear out obsolete or dead stock to free up extra storage space.  Get in touch to see if we can help you with your stock storage.


If you require any assistance with ensuring your  packaging operations run smoothly, please give us a call on 01469 574480.  To place your forward orders, please email



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