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As part of our Employee Wellness programme, we ran an Activity Challenge throughout September, to engender a team culture, increase awareness of how we can be active and encourage a good work/life balance.


The Challenge

During the month of September 2018, you can take part in the Lindum Activity Challenge, by completing a fitness related activity, exercise or challenge that is over and above your regular fitness routine.  This could be:

  • “I took the day off and went for a 15 mile walk with my family.”
  • “I cycled to work 4 times this month which is a total of 35 miles.  I normally drive.”
  • “I took the day off and completed the Tough Mudder course, I then did a 45 mile cross country bike ride followed by a swim across the Atlantic.”
  • “I beat my personal best at skipping.  It was 100 skips without stopping, and I managed to do 123.”


The Rules

  • You can enter as many different activities as you wish.
  • Joint/team entries are allowed.
  • You have to keep your activity a secret from the rest of the team!
  • At the end of the month, all entries will be presented anonymously and the whole team will vote their 3 ‘Favourite’ activities, and explain why they are their favourite.
  • The 3 entrants with the most points across their entries will each win £50 Decathlon vouchers.


The entries ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.  While some team members used it as an opportunity for an adventure, others set simple fitness goals and adjusted their daily routine to achieve them.  Most importantly, everyone had fun!


We are pleased to announce the winners of our Activity Challenge are as follows:

1st Place – Ed Willey

  • Entry: Walked 20 miles in a period of 20 days.
  • Voted because: True change in habit in view of wellness and a consistent effort through the month.

2nd Place – Bob Giles

  • Entry 1: Took a day off work, left at 4am and did an 8 hour hike in the Lake District. This was a route covering 22km length and over 1100m of ascent and descent. We reached the summit of the highest peak in England by 10:30am.
  • Entry 2: Matched my personal best for continuous push-ups (50) while on top of a Glacier in the French Alps.
  • Voted because: Adventurous and different. Big challenge, required planning and preparation.  Definitely not part of the daily routine!

3rd Place – Chris Lester

  • Entry 1: Beat my PB for 5k run.
  • Entry 2: Did a park run for the first time.  Did this with a friend and helped him beat his PB.
  • Voted because: Impressive achievement and helped someone else to achieve too.


A massive thank you and well done to everyone who participated in the Activity Challenge!  Here’s to lots more fun on our Employee Wellness journey!

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