Caretape™ 48mm coloured machine packaging tape - Lindum Packaging

Caretape™ 48mm coloured machine packaging tape

48mm x 990m coloured machine tape. Available in blue, red, yellow, green & white colour options for pallet/product ID. Product code: CTHM48990CR

Product Features

Clean running adhesive, longest roll lengths in the packaging industry, small core size (75mm), Strengthened carrier film, Fast grab adhesion, Highest coat weights in the industry, Low temperature freezer grade options

Product Benefits

No adhesive build up on machinery, Less downtime due to tape snapping, Less downtime due to roll changes and less waste, Sticks quickly and won’t come unstuck, Suitable for a wide range of applications, Tapes will stick and stay stuck in temperatures doen to -24oC, Environmentally friendly packagin solutions, Plastic free alternative to polypropylene tape