Carestretch™ power pre-stretch machine film wrap - 15 micron

Lindum’s 15 micron power pre-stretch machine film wrap from the Carestretch range is an ultra-high performance, high quality stretch film that will ensure excellent pallet performance. The film – for use on high output automated packaging lines, and with automatic machines. As with all our pre-stretch films, less film is needed and therefore the product is not only economical but will also reduce your plastic packaging waste.
Who is this product for? Volume user in the food industry; with regular, uniform pallets

Product code: Carestretch 551P (CSMP551CR)

Product Features

300% machine stretch, lightweight core 15 mu quality film, clear

Product Benefits

Excellent cost in use, low weight per pallet, high stretch – no snapping, high efficiency, high retention, low production cost

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