Carestretch™ Nano machine pallet wrap - 12 micron

Using the latest nano technology our 12 micron nano stretch film, from our Carestretch range, offers unrivalled performance and puncture resistance for machine wrapped pallets. The high quality clear film can be stretched up to 400%, meaning less pallet wrap is needed per pallet – which not only equates to a cost saving to you but a substantial reduction in plastic and CO2 too. Who is this product for? A high volume user of medium-weight machine wrapped pallets with some sharp edges, using a fully automatic variable ration pre-stretch machine. Product code: Carestretch™ 521 Nano (CSN521CR)

Product Features

Advanced mechanical properties, 400% machine stretch, lightweight core, high quality film, with performance equivalent of 17mu, Clear

Product Benefits

Significant plastic & CO2 reduction as less wrap is required per pallet, Save money as less material is used to wrap your pallets, Superior puncture & tear resistance means no snapping, Consistent high performance means improved pallet performance, High containment force

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