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Packaging tape dispensers

Carton sealing tape, or packaging tape, is a key product for most businesses when it comes to their packaging operations. Whatever your business specialises in, if you have a need to pack and seal boxes, our packaging tape and especially in conjunction with our tape dispensers will be the perfect addition to your packaging operations.

Regardless of what tape you use – whether you use clear, custom printed or even paper packaging tape, and whether it is applied by hand or machine, we have a tape dispenser that will suit your packaging tape and specific packaging operations.

Each and every business has specific packaging tape and tape dispenser requirements. Whether packing and carton sealing is required for ambient environments or chilled environments, we know that packaging tape and tape dispensers are specific to your business’ specific need.

Using tape with dispensers

Lindum Packaging’s range of packaging tape, can be supplied in rolls for both hand application or for machine application. Our tapes can all be used in conjunction with a range of tape dispensers too.

When applying packaging tape by hand, a tape dispenser makes easy work of your carton sealing operations. The main benefit of our hand tape dispensers mean that the productivity of carton sealing is greatly improved – your carton sealing more efficient, and productivity improved.

As well as handheld, ergonomically designed tape dispensers, we can also help you with fully automatic tape dispensers too, for more in-depth packaging operations. In a factory environment, where there’s a high volume of boxes to seal and where productivity needs to be high, an automatic tape dispenser machine is key.

In addition to packaging tape and tape dispensers, our team of packaging experts can also help you with how to use tape dispensers when they are supplied.

How to use tape dispensers

Depending on your specific business requirements for using packaging tape with dispensers, we can guide you on how to use our tape dispensers for optimum performance and maximum productivity. Tape dispenser packing makes your packaging operations smoother, but ensuring the dispensers are working and set up correctly is key. We can help advise you not only on the best tape dispenser, but also the best packaging tapes for your specific carton sealing requirements too.

For more information on our tape dispenser products and tape dispenser packing services, please feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements today.

Our Products

Caretape packing tape dispenser (50mm)

An excellent tape dispenser that can be used with a wide range of tapes, with a smaller core.

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Premium packing tape dispenser (50mm)

A premium tape dispenser designed for heavy-duty use.

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Standard packing tape dispenser (50mm)

Standard 50mm width tape dispenser for cost effective carton sealing.

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Standard packing tape dispenser (75mm)

Standard 75mm width tape dispenser for cost effective carton sealing.

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