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Recyclable tape for packaging

Packaging tape is a critical product for many companies’ packaging. It has a critical role in ensuring boxed goods are kept securely stuck together and free from environmental damage when in storage and transit. Most of the tapes available on the market are plastic based, but with sustainability being ever more critical for businesses – have you thought about incorporating a more eco-friendly packing tape into your carton sealing?

Paper recyclable tapes are an excellent and environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic packaging tapes. With companies looking to reduce their plastic usage, paper eco-friendly tapes are a simple and cost-effective way to minimize your plastic usage, whilst not compromising on  performance within your carton sealing operations.

Our wide range of eco-friendly packaging tapes includes paper packaging tapes for both hand tape dispenser application and automated machine application also. Made from kraft paper, our self-adhesive recyclable tapes are just that – 100% recyclable; helping you to achieve your corporate social responsibility and plastic reduction goals.

Our range of eco-friendly packing tapes come in a variety of roll widths and lengths, and are suitable for use in both ambient and chilled environments.

Our eco-friendly packing tape options

Recyclable packaging is a key issue in helping to achieve your sustainability goals, so making small changes to include self-adhesive recyclable tape in your packaging operations is a simple and effective way of moving towards a more circular economy.

The options of tape we have available means your boxes will be safely secured, won’t come unstuck and will protect your goods from damage.

Our options include recyclable paper tape for machine application, which comes in rolls that are 48mm x 500m. We also supply tape for application by hand, with a tape dispenser and come in two options – 48mm x 100m, or 75mm x 50m.

All tapes from our Caretape range offer market-leading quality. You can be rest assured that there are many benefits when choosing a paper tape from our range. These include:

  • Plastic free alternative to polypropylene tape
  • Excellent adhesion properties – tapes will stick and stay stuck
  • Longest roll lengths in the industry
  • Environmentally friendly

To find out more information about our packaging tapes view our range here. Alternatively, if you want to talk to someone about your carton sealing operations, then please get in touch today.

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