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Polythene film

Lindum Packaging are stability and pallet wrap experts. We ensure your goods are completely protected when in storage or transit. Our polythene film is one of our expert products from our extensive packaging product portfolio.

To protect your goods from environmental factors such as dirt, dust and moisture, when they are stored or transported, polythene film can be a key product to help with this. Polythene products, including polythene film and polythene shrink film, can provide a final layer of protection to your packaging – an ideal waterproof way to ensure your products will be protected against environmental damage factors.

The versatility of polythene film means that it can be used across a wide range of industries and used for a wide range of applications, too. Polythene films are inexpensive, provide excellent protection from contamination, or even damage, ensuring product protection. The types of polythene film products available include polythene wrapping , polythene sheets, as well as polythene shrink film.

Polythene shrink film

Polythene shrink film or heat shrink wrap are a great way of protecting items, that aren’t in typical shapes and aren’t traditionally easy to pack. Polythene shrink film can be used across a wide range of applications too.

With the Plastic Packaging Tax soon to be introduced, a growing concern for businesses is the need to adapt with products containing 30% or higher recycled plastic content. In addition to our polythene packaging range, we can also assist with polythene products, including heat shrink film, with the required 30% recycled content material. A great way of using a premium product, but with an added sustainability bonus.

Why use film made from polythene?

Polythene film and polythene products in general are incredibly versatile to use within your packaging operations. Whether you are looking for a shrink film, polythene sheet or even a black polythene roll , there is a polythene film product suitable for your requirements. The versatility and adaptability of polythene film makes it an ideal, waterproof solution to keep your goods safe, contamination and breakage free.

If you need any assistance with polythene films, polythene shrink film or any other polythene packaging products, then why not get in touch? Our expert team will be able to assist with your specific requirements. In addition to polythene packaging products, we can also supply you with a wide range of other transit packaging products too. View our wide range of products here , or get in touch today.