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Pallet wrapping machines for stretch film application

As market-leading pallet wrap and stretch film experts, we not only work closely with businesses across the UK and Europe to supply the right pallet wrap and stretch film for their packaging operations, but we also supply pallet wrapping machines specific for their operations and the film they are using too.

We specialize in the supply of pallet wrap and stretch film. In line with our pallet wrap and stretch film options, we work closely with businesses across the UK and Europe to optimise packaging operations to ensure companies are not only using the right stretch film product, but also the right processes and machinery to deliver maximum efficiency. The aim of this is simple – we want to help save you money, reduce plastic packaging usage and CO2 footprint, as well as improving pallet stability. So, alongside our wide-ranging expertise in pallet wrap and stretch film, we have all the knowledge and know-how to advise you on the best pallet stretch wrapping machines for your business too.

Our wide range of pallet wrapping machines means we have a pallet wrapping machine perfect for your specific packaging requirements. From robotic small scale use machines, all the way to fully automatic lines, we have pallet wrapping machinery suitable for a wide range of wrapping applications, and all work in combination with our entire range of machine and nano stretch films.

Whether you require pallet wrapping machines for high volume or standard use; with a core break system, or power pre-stretch pallet shrink wrap machines, or are even looking to make your hand pallet wrapping more efficient with our hand-held pallet wrap dispenser for smaller scale pallet wrapping, we can help you with the safe and secure wrapping of your pallets.

Pallet stretch wrapping machines & pallet shrink wrapping machines for your packaging operations

Depending on the specific requirements of your business’ particular packaging operations, we offer a wide range of expert pallet wrapping machines to suit.

From battery powered pallet wrapping robot machines all the way up to fully automatic lines, there’s a machine in our range for you. With both semi-automatic and automatic options, the range incorporates pallet wrapping machines with electromagnetic brake and motorised pre-stretch options, as well as machines with rotating arms or rotating tables. With options to suit all packaging operations, we also have a stainless-steel range of stretch wrappers for more challenging environments, and we can also provide machine options for the wrapping of extra-large pallets too.

Regardless of the model, all of our pallet wrapping machines and pallet shrink wrap machines allow you to wrap a pallet in the quickest possible time – making your pallet wrapping easier, quicker and much more efficient.

Why are pallet wrapping machines so important?

Pallet wrapping machines are designed to make pallet wrapping quick, hassle-free and efficient. The right stretch film combined with the right pallet wrapping machine will ensure efficiency, plastic reduction and cost saving are key factors within your packaging operations. Some of the key problems we encounter include:

 The wrong film | The wrong film is being used for the pallet that’s being wrapped. This can include the wrong type of film, or the wrong gauge, meaning pallets are not entering the supply chain wrapped optimally

Too much film | A common mistake is to apply too much stretch film with the mistaken idea that more will help create stable pallets. When it comes to pallet wrapping, often less is more.

Machines settings | You can be using the perfect film for the pallets to be wrapped, but if the settings on your machine aren’t optimal then you won’t be getting optimal performance. Film may not be being stretched properly, for example, which will in turn affect performance.

Well wrapped pallets are critical for items moving smoothly through the supply chain. If pallets aren’t wrapped correctly, and pallet stability is poor – there are many issues that can crop up. Movement in transport can create many issues for pallets that aren’t wrapped properly. These include damaged goods, rejected loads, time and additional cost of repacking, not to mention the health and safety implications. All issues that can prove costly to your business.

When we supply pallet wrapping machinery, we always ensure the settings are optimal for the pallet wrap used, to help prevent any of these issues for your business.

Expertise beyond pallet wrapping machines

Well wrapped pallets are not only key to protecting your goods in transit but also key to pallet stability too. Lindum has a wide range of machine pallet wrap options for use in conjunction with each pallet wrapper machine that we supply. Our extensive range of pallet stretch wrap can be used with all the machines we supply, and we can advise on the optimization of your products and processes to ensure the best performance of your pallet wrapping machine and pallet wrapping operations.

To find out more about our range of pallet wrapping machines, see our range of pallet wrappers below or get in touch today to speak to one of our team.