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Pallet wrap dispensers

Lindum Packaging are pallet wrapping and stretch film experts. Working closely with businesses across the UK and Europe, we help customers to improve their pallet wrapping and make their packaging and pallet wrap operations more efficient. In addition to the supply of pallet wrapping machines, we also supply pallet wrap dispensers too.

Pallet wrap dispensers are a great tool to add to your packaging operations to help with the manual application of pallet wrap. Wrapping pallets by hand can be hard work, and time consuming. A hand pallet wrap dispenser provides you with an effective solution for wrapping pallets manually – ensuring greater productivity, and a faster, smoother and hassle-free pallet wrap application.

Whether you use standard pallet wrap, or a more heavy-duty product, we can help you find a pallet wrap dispenser specific to you and your packaging operations. So, depending on the requirements of your business’ pallet wrapping requirements, we offer a number of different types of hand pallet wrap dispensers to suit.

Pallet wrap dispensers – UK supplier

Based in the UK, we work closely with FMCG businesses to make improvements in their packaging operations. We supply pallet wrap dispensers to UK businesses, when they need assistance with improving efficiencies in their manual pallet wrap application. Based in the UK, not only do we supply pallet wrap products and pallet wrap dispensers, but we can come and visit your site and carry out a packaging audit to assess how improvements and efficiencies can be made across your packaging operations, too.

Benefits of using a hand pallet wrap dispenser

So why use a hand pallet wrap dispenser? They are a simple and effective product that will save you time when wrap pallets. When applied manually, hand pallet wrapping can cause the user stress and also their hands could become uncomfortable too. A pallet wrap dispenser helps to eliminate the hassle from hand pallet wrapping, and will allow for greater productivity and more comfortable wrapping. We have a range of dispenser options for a range of wraps and films, depending on what your business uses – so there’s a pallet wrap dispenser for you.

To find out more about our pallet wrap dispenser range, or if you have any questions about your pallet wrapping operations, then get in touch today. Our team of packaging experts are a phone call away to help – so get in touch today to discuss your requirements.