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Pallet hoods to protect your palletised goods

Here at Lindum we are a team of pallet experts, and want to make sure your goods are protected throughout their supply chain journey and arrive at their destination in the best possible condition and damage free. Our expert pallet wrapping products, including pallet wrap and packaging tape, can help with wrapping your pallet, but our pallet hoods also help with that final added layer of protection.
In order to protect your goods once they are palletised against external environmental factors – such as dust, moisture and dirt when in storage or during transportation, our polythene pallet hoods cover your pallet and add a final layer of durable polythene protection. Our pallet hoods are an ideal, simple and effective waterproof solution to protect your palletised goods.

Benefits of polythene pallet hoods

The benefits of our high-quality pallet hoods mean that your goods stay protected, stay clean and free from exposure to a wide range of environmental factors. The simple polythene product comes in a range of sizes, and gauges, designed to suit your specific packaging operations – regardless of the industry you operate in. They are a simple, flexible product, that is inexpensive and easy to store.

Pallet hoods for the UK packaging market

Lindum works closely with companies across the UK and Europe, and supplies many FMCG companies with pallet hoods in the UK.

We work closely with businesses on addressing their pallet handling and movement in transport issues – helping to solve problems, reduce their plastic and optimise their pallet wrap products and processes. Through this, we not only ensure pallets are secure for transit, but by supplying polythene pallet hoods we help to provide the maximum protection for your pallets.

Pallet hoods are a great, simple addition to your pallet packaging operations. As transit packaging experts, we here at Lindum are market leaders in the supply and optimisation of pallet wrap and its use within your packaging operations. In addition, we also have a wide range of polythene packaging products and other protective packaging products too, to assist with your packaging operations.

If you would like to find out more about our polythene pallet hoods or if have any questions of how we can help your business with improving your pallet handling, or packaging products, then get in touch today. One of our expert team will be happy to help.

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