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Custom packaging tape

Packaging tape is an essential product for any business that needs to pack, store and move boxed goods. Although the main purpose of packing tape is to keep boxes securely stuck together, and safe from damage, there are times where custom packaging tape may be required.

Custom printed packaging tape is used to securely seal boxes of all different sizes and in different environments – such as for packaging operations in ambient or chilled environments. To meet your requirements, we supply printed packing tape to showcase your specific messaging.

Every businesses carton sealing operations are unique, so to are their requirements for printed packing tape. This is why our bespoke custom printed packaging tape are designed and made to your bespoke requirements and comes in a wide range of options.

Custom printed packaging tape for carton sealing

Lindum has an extensive range of packaging tapes which have been created to provide market leading performance. Alongside our other Caretape ranges, our custom packaging tape provides all the benefits of our standard packing tape. These include fast grab adhesion and some of the highest coat weights in the industry, but our custom shipping tape has the added benefit of your bespoke messaging printed onto it.

What are the benefits of our printed packing tape?

Some of the benefits of our tapes include the longest roll lengths in the industry and less snapping due to strengthened films. Our custom packaging tape includes the same benefits of our standard range packaging tapes, but with the added benefit of your bespoke messaging.

Whether you require custom printed packaging tape to include your logo or branding, specific product messaging or health and safety information, we can design a tape specific to you.

We also have a variety of options available to you to create custom packaging tape for your bespoke needs – including different widths, paper and polypropylene options as well as different coloured tapes. Custom shipping tape can also be created for both hand and machine application, ensuring our tape will meet the needs of your packaging operations.

To find out more about our custom printed packaging tape and our standard range of packaging tapes from within our Caretape range, view our range of products here. As transit packaging experts, we can also help your with cardboard boxes to work alongside our packaging tapes. We also have a broad range of protective packaging solutions – from pallet wrap to polythene. Find out more about our expert range here.

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