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Clear parcel tape

Packaging tape is a staple to packaging operations, for businesses of all sectors. If there is a need to pack, store, or move boxes, then packing tape is a key product for your packaging operations. One of the most popular options for many businesses is clear parcel tape.

Packaging tape is a critical product for many business’ packaging operations, where boxes need to be packed and sealed securely. So when your products are stored or moved in transit, your boxed goods are kept safe, secure and damage free.

Transparent packing tape can be used to seal boxes that are stored in various different environments. For example, clear parcel tape could be a staple in an office environment, but also in a chilled factory environment too. Regardless of the environment, our clear parcel tape can be used on boxes and cartons of all different sizes.

Every business has their own packaging and packaging tape requirements. But our clear parcel tape options can help you securely stick and store your boxed goods; preventing them from dust and other environmental damage.

The benefits of our transparent packing tape

The benefits of transparent packing tape, from our Caretape range include: strengthened film – meaning less tape snapping, the longest roll lengths available in the industry and our clear parcel tapes are solvent-free for a more environmentally friendly packaging tape option.

Our transparent packing tapes come in a range of options for both hand application – which can be used in conjunction with our very own ergonomically designed hand tape dispenser) as well as clear tape in machine length rolls, for machine application.

In addition, we also have clear packaging tape available in different widths. As well as standard 48mm wide tape, we also have 75mm wide clear parcel tape for bigger boxes, too. The wide clear parcel tape option is available in roll for hand and machine application.

UK clear parcel tape supplier

We work closely with FMCG businesses to supply clear parcel tape across the UK. In addition to our wider Caretape packaging tape range, our tape is used across different industries and sectors and in both ambient and chilled environments.

For more information on our clear parcel tape, view our range of products below. As transit packaging experts, we can also help you with a wide range of other packaging tapes too – including recyclable tape. As transit packaging specialists, we have a wide range of other expert packaging products. See our range here.

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