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Carton sealing tapes for packaging

Carton sealing tape is a key product for most business’ packaging operations when there is a need to pack and seal boxes. The purpose of carton tape is simple – to keep your boxes firmly and securely stuck together, and to ensure the goods within the boxes are safe from dirt and damage when being stored or when in transit.

Carton sealing tapes are used to seal boxes of different sizes, and seal boxes that are stored in different environments. As such there are a wide range of carton packing tapes available, so your boxes stay securely stuck whatever environment they are required for.

Each business has their own carton sealing and carton tape requirements. Whether they pack and store their boxes in an ambient or chilled environment, or whether they use a carton sealing machine or apply carton tape by hand, carton packing tape requirements are specific to each customer. This is why carton sealing tape comes with a wide variety of options including kraft paper tapes that are 100% recyclable, clear packing tapes, coloured tapes, bespoke printed tapes for branding or health and safety information, tapes for hand application and tapes for use in carton taping machines.

Our carton sealing tape options

Lindum’s Caretape range of carton sealing tapes have been designed to offer market leading performance and be kinder to the environment. All designed with fast grab adhesion and some of the highest coat weights in the industry, whatever cardboard you need to stick to, there is a carton sealing tape in the range to suit.

Benefits of our Caretape carton sealing tapes include: the longest roll lengths in the industry, strengthened film (meaning less snapping), solvent free for a more environmentally friendly carton sealing tape. We also have a variety of options including coloured tapes, bespoke printable carton sealing tapes (for when you require branding or specific messaging) and also paper tape options for those wanting to use 100% recyclable carton sealing tape.

Our carton sealing tape range is available in different widths and lengths, and includes options for both hand application (used in conjunction with our ergonomically designed carton sealing tape dispenser) and also for use in carton taping machines.

For more information on our carton sealing tape, view our range of products below. As transit packaging experts, we can also help you with cardboard boxes too. View our range of boxes for use with our carton sealing tapes, here.


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