Cardboard for packaging

Cardboard packaging products are a staple for almost all business-to business companies’ packaging operations. Using cardboard for packaging provides a way to move goods in a relatively cheap and environmentally friendly way, whilst still providing the necessary protection for your goods during transit.

The versatility of cardboard means there are many uses for it within the packaging up, storage, handling, and shipping of your goods. Cardboard also has the benefit of being an environmentally friendly packaging product – being 100% recyclable. Meaning it’s not only versatile, but a product that will help you work towards your corporate and social responsibility goals.

Our cardboard packaging products

Our comprehensive range of cardboard packaging products covers everything from sheets to cartons, rolls as well as products for pallet stability. With decades’ of experience in transit packaging, we supply the highest quality, most durable and heavy duty products to use in your packaging operations. Our aim is to supply products that allow for ease of packing and shipping, without the risk of damages and disruption to your packaging operations.

Corrugated cartons, sheets & cardboard rolls for packaging

Choosing the right cardboard packaging products is entirely dependent on the needs of your packaging operations. Rest assured, we have all the high-quality cardboard products you need to package up your goods safely and securely.

Our cardboard carton range comes in a variety of sizes, with bespoke printed boxes an option too. Corrugated cardboard rolls for packaging are available in different sizes, and cardboard sheets too. Whatever your needs, we have the products to help.

Cardboard corner posts for pallet stability

Being market leaders in the supply of transit packaging goods, we know the importance of pallet stability. Cardboard corner posts are a simple and effective product to help improve the stability of your pallets in transit – helping to improve stability, reduce movement in transit and prevent damaged goods.

Our cardboard packaging range is part of a wider set of environmentally friendly packaging products. Not only do we provide environmentally friendly packaging, such as cardboard products, but we work closely with FMCG companies to reduce their plastic, and their carbon footprint – find out more by seeing how we help businesses reduce plastic and also minimise their CO2 with our carbon offset scheme.