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Cardboard edge protectors for pallet loads

Lindum Packaging are experts when it comes to transit packaging. Our knowledge and expertise means we are know a thing or two about pallet packaging and stability. We work with businesses across Europe to ensure their pallets are wrapped securely, are stable and arrive undamaged.

Protecting pallets from damage in transit is a critical issue for many businesses, and our cardboard edge protectors are a simple, yet effective product designed to protect your palletised loads. Cardboard edge protectors sit on each edge of your palletised load – acting as pallet edge protectors for the goods, and provide added stability to your loads before pallet wrap is applied.

Made from 100% recyclable cardboard, our range of pallet corner protectors or pallet corner guards, are not only an environmentally friendly addition to your transit packaging operations, but are an excellent way to improve the stability of your pallets in transit too. The cardboard corners for pallets ensure that the edges of your goods are not damaged in transit and ensures the stability of your palletised loads.

Pallet edge protectors for pallet stability

We understand that pallet stability is key to eliminating movement in transport issues of palletised loads. Cardboard edge protectors protect the edges of your goods, and are an environmentally friendly alternative to other types of pallet edge protectors such as foam. But in addition, our cardboard edge protectors provide improved stability for your pallets.

Pallet stability is key to minimising movement in transport issues, and helping your goods arrive at their destination damage free. Our pallet corner protectors work perfectly with our other products for pallet stability also – pallet wrap and anti-slip layer sheets. Working together with our pallet corner guards, our anti-slip sheets stop movements between layers in a pallet. When using anti-slip sheets in conjunction with cardboard corners for pallets, and the right pallet wrap for your loads, your overall pallet performance will be greatly increased.

Our range of pallet corner protectors

Our cardboard corner edge protectors come in a range of sizes, to provide reinforcement and maximised stability for different sized pallet loads. Our pallet edge protectors are available in three different sizes:

  • 1275x50x50x3.5mm
  • 2000x35x35x2mm
  • 910x35x35x2mm

To find out more about pallet corner protectors and how they could work in your packaging operations, then get in touch today. Alternatively if you want to know more about other products for pallet stability, see our range here. Or find out more about our other protective protective packaging solutions.