FREE WEBINAR: Plastic Tax for Dummies

FREE WEBINAR: Plastic Tax for Dummies

This might not be the first FREE webinar on Plastic Tax, but it will be the simplest!


The Plastic Packaging Tax is quite the minefield. With 2022 just around the corner, we know that there is still so much confusion and worry around the introduction of the tax. It’s complicated, detailed and causing plenty of stress for businesses.


Our free webinar – Plastic Tax for Dummies, aims to cut through the detail and offer concise, clear information; whilst being delivered in a simple and speedy way. In 25 minutes, we aim to provide all the information that you need, without being bogged down in too much confusing detail – a common theme of plenty of other webinars that are out there!


Do you know what you need to do ahead of April (apart from join our webinar)? If you are confused, stressed or have any unanswered questions about the tax, then join our comprehensive, free webinar and find out the details you need in less than half an hour. Sign up here.


Our team of packaging experts are up to speed with the tax, and have broken down the detail to offer simple and comprehensive advice on how you can prepare for the tax.