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In everyday life there is little more annoying than sticky tape that doesn’t stick.  So too in manufacturing; but, of course, ineffective tape isn’t only annoying, it’s costly too.


Here’s a few tips to ensure you get maximum performance from your printed and plain packaging tapes.

  1. Keep tape warm before use.  We recommend that it is stored at between 17oc and 25oc.
  2. Most packaging tapes are pressure sensitive.  Their performance will improve if the tape is pressed down when applied.  For best results apply with firm even pressure.
  3. Once opened keep the boxes away from direct sunlight.
  4. Rotate your stock.  Whilst tape has a shelf life of at least 12 months, it is always preferable to use oldest tape first.
  5. Pay particular attention to where tape is stored as sudden changes in temperature and humidity can affect tape performance.


Are you having issues with the performance of your packaging tape?  Tape not sticking?  Cartons popping open?  Contact us today and speak to one of our packaging experts who will help you find the most effective tape for your application, so you can reduce downtime, costs and hassle!

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