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Pallet stability products

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Better Pallet Stability

We both know that pallet stability can be a costly issue to your business. Unstable pallets in your factory or in transit reduce your profitability in so many ways. Production downtime, damaged goods, re-packaging and customer dis-satisfaction are all black holes that create hidden costs of production, not to mention the Health and Safety risks.

The other side of the coin is the use of over-specified products to ensure stability, or the wasteful over-use of packaging. Once again money wasted that directly reduces your profitability.

Lindum products, and our expertise in helping you choose the right ones, ensure your pallets remain exactly as you stacked them when they reach their destination. Our research and development team has produced a range of pallet stability products which we promise will provide outstanding pallet stability, high yield and consequently great value for money.

All our case studies show how Lindum delivers quantifiable savings whilst solving pallet stability issues. With cost savings of 46%, 34% or 57% through choosing the right products plus more savings from reduced production downtime, get in touch and let us help your business.

Take a look at our key transit packaging pallet stability products:

Pallet wrap and shrink wrap film

Our three core pallet wrap products have been developed and manufactured to reduce production downtime and deliver a high yield, saving you money:

  • Carestretch pallet wrapCarestretch High Performance Pallet Wrap
    With guaranteed roll lengths you can be assured you will get what you pay for. The consistent quality raw materials we use in the manufacture of Carestretch provide superior stretch, increased puncture resistance and reduced snapping. The combination of these three things gives increased yield and a greater number of pallets wrapped for each roll used.
  • Carewrap pallet wrapCarewrap pre-stretched pallet wrap
    Pre-stretched Carewrap is a high strength film with a reinforced edge. This gives a superior holding force when a pallet is wrapped. Carewrap also has a guaranteed reel length.
  • Ventiwrap pallet wrap
    Ventiwrap has been developed to include ventilation holes, enabling you to wrap fresh or warm produce and maintain freshness and temperature for the duration of the transportation process.Ventiwrap perforated pallet wrap

All our pallet wrap products are also available with our BioZ oxo-biodegradable technology, which delivers an environmentally friendly product to assist in the reduction of litter and protect our environment.

Take a look at our range of pallet wrap and shrink wrap films.


Anti-slip sheets

Delivered under our Caregrip brand, our anti-slip paper sheets have a unique coating which provides exceptional stability when placed between the layers on a pallet.

Caregrip can be supplied in pre-cut sheets to your specification or on a roll which when used with our dispensing machine reduces the amount of waste and downtime, as the operator doesn’t need to replenish hoppers of cardboard sheet. As well as saving operator time, Caregrip sheets have numerous other advantages over traditional cardboard sheets.Caregrip anti-slip layer sheets

Firstly, a Caregrip anti-slip sheet does the job much better. Next they cost less per sheet and by virtue of their thickness take up less space to store and transport to you. With no hard corners they won’t puncture and snap your pallet wrap reducing downtime stoppages. Finally, using anti-slip sheets with our range of pallet wrap and shrink wrap films means you can “column stack” the boxes on a pallet rather than “brick stacking”. Column stacking means that you can save again by using lower strength boxes and still get a stable stack because the weight is balanced effectively through the corners of each box.

Take a look at how we reduced waste and reduced costs for Mackle Pet Foods, or how we reduced waste charges by 90% for Halewood International whilst simultaneously reducing production downtime.

Take a look at the Caregrip range.


Cardboard Corner Posts

Often an essential element of pallet stability, what sets our cardboard corner posts apart are the different lengths and strengths we offer from stock. Choose the appropriate product, wrap them securely and you know that there is no compromise in strengthening the pallet and minimising the chance of it tipping over.

Posts can also be printed with key messages, safety information or important transportation information.

Take a look at our range of cardboard corner posts.



A simple product suitable for carton closing and pallet stability, our strapping is available in a wide range of colours and can be printed if required.

Take a look at our range of strapping products.


Pallet wrapping machines and tape dispensers

To complement our pallet stability and transit packaging consumables we can supply a range of our own branded pallet wrappers and carton taping machines.

Don’t buy the best wrap or film for the job and then have it applied ineffectively. Choose the best piece of equipment for the task in hand. We will match the machine and packaging to the application to deliver the optimum yield.

Take a look at our hand-held dispensers or get in touch to discuss your machinery requirements.

Take a look at how we used pallet stability products in the case study below.

90% reduction in waste charges and 85% reduction in man hours for Halewood International

Lindum were asked to explore ways to reduce the costs of waste charges for transit packaging, re-charged to Halewood by their retailer customers. In addition, we were asked to look at pallet stability and downtime and to suggest how these could be improved.

Existing cardboard layer pads were held in a magazine which needed to be replaced every 30 minutes. Replacement with four PAL-Cut automatic sheet dispensers and Caregrip™ anti-slip paper had a significant effect…

Lindum’s View

We take a refreshing and sophisticated approach to proving how our innovative transit packaging products will significantly improve your business profitability. Our role is to take the strain – and our high quality transit packaging products will do exactly the same!


It may sound bizarre but our promise is to offer you less and less:

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