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Carton Sealing products

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Innovative Carton Sealing Products

In everyday life there is little more annoying than sticky tape that doesn’t stick. So too in manufacturing; but, of course, ineffective tape isn’t only annoying, it’s costly too. We know the strain that tape experiences during the transportation of pallets and we have developed tape to meet those demands. Stick it with Lindum tape and it remains stuck! (At least until the time comes to unpackage your product.)

Lindum Packaging have developed a unique range of packaging tapes for hand and machine taping. With a guaranteed minimum roll length for which we are famous, this range of high performance tapes are only available from Lindum Packaging.

With our longer rolls not only do you receive great value for money but also rolls need to be changed less frequently, reducing downtime and there are fewer cores to dispose of, reducing waste.

Available in a range of colours, and printable with health and safety info, consumer instructions or corporate information, we’ve tapes for every demanding task. Our own unique tapes for use in freezers and on frozen goods maintain an excellent bond strength even at low temperatures.

Take a look at how switching to our tapes saved Karro Foods production downtime, operator time and money – overall a cost saving of 57% and a 66% reduction in environmental impact.

Ask us about our fail safe formula, devised to ensure that you get the correct combination of tape and equipment for your particular application. Whatever we can do with hand taping we can also do with a machine and vice versa so there are decisions to be made and we are here to ensure that you take the best option for your packaging operations.

Take a look at how we used our carton sealing products in the case study below.

66% environmental impact and 57% cost saving on transit packaging for Karro Food Group

Karro Food Group invited Lindum to audit and assess the packaging operations at each site

We identified the following issues across the 8 sites that the machine pallet wrap in use varied which meant usage was much higher than necessary and pallet presentation across the sites was inconsistent & that poor performing product meant pallet wrap rolls were discarded before they were finished…

Lindum’s View

We take a refreshing and sophisticated approach to proving how our innovative transit packaging products will significantly improve your business profitability. Our role is to take the strain – and our high quality transit packaging products will do exactly the same!


It may sound bizarre but our promise is to offer you less and less:

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