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Reduce your stockholding

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Release your cash by reducing your stock

Why not get in touch and challenge us to reduce your stock holding costs!

You carry lots of stock because it would be a nightmare if you ran out and that stopped the production lines from running.

We know you are tasked with managing the levels of stock you carry, as stock ties up the cash of the business and takes up valuable storage space in the warehouse.

And so predicting and managing stock levels is a constant balancing act but our balancing skills are second to none and we have developed tools to ensure that balancing stock and balancing books become second nature to you.

My Supply, Instant Stock and Stock and Store have been designed with you in mind. Any wish list of what would make your life less stressful would have these three Innovative Tools right at the top.

You see. Our job is to make your job easier and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that is the case.

Take a look at the case study below to see how we reduced cash tied up in stock.

66% environmental impact and 57% cost saving on transit packaging for Karro Food Group

Karro Food Group invited Lindum to audit and assess the packaging operations at each site

We identified the following issues across the 8 sites that the machine pallet wrap in use varied which meant usage was much higher than necessary and pallet presentation across the sites was inconsistent & that poor performing product meant pallet wrap rolls were discarded before they were finished…

Lindum’s View

We take a refreshing and sophisticated approach to proving how our innovative transit packaging products will significantly improve your business profitability. Our role is to take the strain – and our high quality transit packaging products will do exactly the same!


It may sound bizarre but our promise is to offer you less and less:

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