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Delivering Less

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Have a great day!

At Lindum we want every day for you to be a great day. How do we help to achieve that? By helping you to minimise your production downtime, reduce your costs, minimise the amount of waste from transit packaging and reduce the amount of cash you have tied up in stock.

In short, we make sure we consistently give you less and less. Take a look at how much less we give our clients on average and then call us to discuss how much you could save!

46% cost saving and 64% reduction in waste for Westbury Dairies

Lindum were asked to investigate pallet instability and pallet wrap snapping issues as well as undertake a transit packaging audit

After a LIPS we ascertained more efficient pallet wrapping films would reduce packaging costs and also environmental impact. A perfect example of why we say; “it’s not how much a roll of wrap costs, but what you can wrap with it that matters”.

Westbury switched lines 1 and 2 to using Carestretch™ 517S film, and switched line 3 to using Carewrap™ film…

Lindum’s View

We take a refreshing and sophisticated approach to proving how our innovative transit packaging products will significantly improve your business profitability. Our role is to take the strain – and our high quality transit packaging products will do exactly the same!


It may sound bizarre but our promise is to offer you less and less:

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