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Vibration – “The oscillating, reciprocating, or other periodic motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium forced from a position or state of equilibrium.”


What types of vibration damage are there?

  1. Movement during transport
  2. Natural frequencies specific to each type of transport (Typically, the higher the frequency the lower the amplitude; Frequencies > 100 Hertz are of little concern, Frequencies < 30 Hertz are the most damaging are encountered in road transport)


What causes vibration damage?

  1. Position on vehicle
  2. Too much free space
  3. Poorly secured loads
  4. Poor road surfaces
  5. Any imbalance in the load or vehicle


What are the effects?

  1. Cracking/breaking of product
  2. Scuffing/abrasion of product and pack:
    1. Plastic parts are scratched
    2. Print rubs off bags, sacks and cartons
    3. Edges of labels tear
    4. Tuck-in flaps of cartons tear
    5. Contamination risk
  3. Product settles and compacts:
    1. Fine powders
    2. Mixed particle sizes separate
  4. Screw caps can work loose:
    1. Leakage
    2. Possible safety hazard
    3. Contamination risk
  5. Resonance:
    1. Occurs when vehicle frequency is the same as the natural frequency of the pack
    2. Vibration is amplified – amplitude increases
    3. Packs can bounce, resulting in severe damage to the contents


Protection against vibration damage

  1. Isolate by cushioning
  2. Reduce movement:
    1. Accurate sizing of cartons to contents
    2. Accurate sizing of corrugated cases
    3. Tight shrink wraps on secondary packs
    4. Consider ‘air ride’ vehicles for critical products
  3. Reduce contact points:
    1. Consider at container design stage
    2. Recesses for labels
  4. Protect surfaces:
    1. Scuff resistant lacquers
    2. Film laminates
    3. Reverse printing
    4. Co-extrusion


Download our FREE Infographic on preventing Vibration Damage here.

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