Cost saving pallet packaging solutions for Westbury Dairies

Westbury Dairies contacted our team to see if we could conduct an audit and provide some improved pallet wrapping solutions – which we did, with some great results:

  • 46% annual cost savings
  • 64% annual packaging waste reduction

This is how we achieved it…

The challenge

Our client wanted us to investigate some specific problems they were experiencing in their packaging processes, namely pallet instability and issues with their pallet wrap which was prone to snapping.

In order to find the best ways to improve their overall packaging operations, we were also asked to carry out a full transit packaging audit – our speciality!

Improved pallet packaging solutions, easily implemented

After our full survey at Westbury, we found that switching to more efficient pallet wrapping stretch films would not only reduce their packaging costs, but their environmental impact too.

We identified a dual approach to tackle the issues across their packaging processes, replacing their old, insufficient films with Carestretch™ 517S on lines one and two, and Carewrap™ film on line three. These solutions have increased the stability of their pallets while reducing the weight of wrap used per pallet from 338g to 158g on each line – a big reduction in plastic packaging usage.

To increase pallet stability even further, we also recommended that the overlap on the wrap was increased from 50mm to 200mm. While this represents an increase in film usage, it’s far outweighed by a more efficient film and fewer damaged pallets.

Results and long-term benefits

With a plastic waste reduction of 64% – or 15 tonnes – in wrap and film used and 46% in financial savings annually, the benefits of implementing our new pallet packaging solutions didn’t stop there. We also helped Westbury in the following ways too:

  • Reduced downtime with time spent on roll changes more than halved, due to lines one and two wrapping 52 more pallets per roll, and line three wrapping 45 more
  • Reduction in stockholding with a pallet of Carestretch™ impressively wrapping 2,392 more pallets
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to better presented and more stable pallets, a subsequent reduction in damaged goods and less plastic packaging waste to dispose of.

How can our transit packaging specialists help you?

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