Biodegradable packaging solutions for Thorntons

If you like chocolate then Thorntons is a name you’ll be familiar with, and we were delighted when they contacted us to arrange a survey of their processes and explore our biodegradable packaging products – with great results:

  • 4% reduction in packaging waste

This is how we did it…

The challenge

Thorntons asked our experts to conduct a full audit of their current packaging processes in order to identify any opportunities for improvement, plus any potential to save them money by reducing packaging costs.

They also wanted us to carry out our assessment with an eye towards more environmentally friendly packaging solutions too, such as biodegradable packaging products for wrapping pallets for storage and transit.

New oxo-biodegradable packaging for increased eco-credentials

When we arrived on site to survey their operations, we noted that Thorntons was using Lantech power pre-stretch type pallet wrapping machine alongside blue 17mu wrapping film, supplied in 16kg rolls on a 1.718kg cardboard core.

To save the client money, we wanted to utilise the existing machinery, so we ran some trials with our blue Carestretch™ 551 film with BioZ, an oxo-biodegradable packaging film designed specifically for the Lantech machine already on site.

We altered the machine settings so that we could take advantage of the higher performance of the Carestretch™ film, which reduced the amount of wrap used from 182g to 94g – an impressive 48.4% reduction of film used per pallet. The higher tension offered by this superior product also increased the pallet containment force, making each pallet more stable and secure.

Results and long-term benefits

The beauty of our packaging surveys is that one change can lead to several gains, which proved to be the case in this situation too.

Firstly, we achieved their objective of replacing their film wrap with biodegradable packaging products, reducing their environmental impact through the implementation of the BioZ film which oxo-biodegrades naturally in a 1-2-year timeframe, leaving no harmful micro-bead residue.

With the increased load retention offered by the new product, the client has also seen a reduction in damages, which in turn has saved them on the costs associated with returning and replacing items. By replacing their film, they’ve also increased productivity thanks to a significant decrease in breaking and snapping during the wrapping process which used to lead to operational downtime.

Finally, our packaging audit has also led to a huge reduction of pallet wrap being used. Plastic packaging waste reduced by 48.4%, which equals over 14 tonnes less polythene being sent to landfill sites every year – fantastic results all-round!

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