How Karro’s transit packaging audit led to huge cost savings

One of the UK’s leading meat processors, Karro Food Group, came to us to request a transit packaging audit and assessment across their eight sites. Our recommendations resulted in a range of benefits and these impressive figures:

  • 57% savings in their annual transit packaging costs
  • A 66% reduction in plastic

This is how we achieved it…

The challenge

Our client’s brief was to conduct a full transit packaging audit in order to identify areas where savings could be made in order to make their operations more efficient.

They also wanted some insight into sundry packaging products and to use this information to advise where products could be rationalised and consolidated – both within individual sites and between all site locations.

Introducing smarter packaging solutions for cross-site improvements

Our packaging audit brought a range of issues to our attention, so we detailed a strategy to ensure all problems were solved while also adding value to their operations.

Firstly we noted a wide variation in machine pallet wrap quality, with some below-spec products and the lack of consistency creating ununiformed pallet presentation, higher usage than necessary and overall quality concerns. Where wrap wasn’t up to the task, rolls were also being discarded before they were finished, creating a lot of waste that could easily be avoided. Replacing their current films with Carewrap™ hand and machine films and Carestretch™ machine film provided a cost-effective solution and the ability to improve and standardise their presentation.

Tape was also often found to be unfit for purpose, with poor adhesive qualities causing issues both in storage and transit, and exacerbated by under-par taping machines that meant the client was wasting resources, time and subsequently money. We introduced the client to high quality Alaska™ tape and products from the E-tape™ range for an increase in efficiencies across the board.

Finally we looked at their pallet stability products, and recommended the replacement of the corrugated cardboard they were using with Caregrip™ anti-slip layer sheets. This enabled pallets to be wrapped more securely, thanks to increased tension settings and a better wrapping film yield.

Results and long-term benefits

Our packaging audit delivered 57% in cost savings and 66% in environmental savings for Karro, thanks to:

  • Less downtime due to longer reel lengths and fewer roll changes on tape and pallet wrap
  • Group-wide consolidated buying
  • Higher specification pallet wrap delivering a higher yield through less pallet wrap per pallet
  • A reduction in their plastic packaging waste
  • Less storage space required and reduced logistics costs – 1 pallet of Caregrip™ anti-slip sheets delivers/holds the same as 7.5 pallets of layer pads!
  • One single supplier for all sites and easier tracking and control of packaging spend
  • Less spoilt product and the ability to use lower spec cartons due to improved pallet stability increasing carton performance by 25–30%
  • Improved company image through consistently wrapped and more stable pallets

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