How our transit packaging solutions brought huge gains for Iceland Manufacturing

Our specialists at Lindum Packaging were approached by Iceland Manufacturing to see how we could help to optimise their operations, reduce plastic packaging waste and packaging costs – with some great results.

  • 18 tonne reduction in plastic packaging waste
  • Money saving with a 42% reduction in packaging costs

This is how we achieved it…

The challenge

As an established and busy food producer, Iceland Manufacturing asked us to help them with a full assessment of their packaging operations in order to identify opportunities for improvement and optimisation.

With a focus on efficiency, our complete in-depth investigation required looking into every element of their processes and producing tailored recommendations to help make their business even better.

How we reduced packaging costs, plastic packaging waste and more…

During our assessment, we found a number of ways to help our client, via enhanced pallet stability, saving money by reducing packaging costs and reducing plastic packaging waste, as well as improving end-of-line capabilities.

Firstly we replaced their previous packing products with Caregrip pallet layer sheets which represented several benefits. This solution improves carton strength while also ensuring pallet stability during storage and transit, and has also reduced packaging waste by eliminating the need for cardboard corners and corrugated layer sheets.

We also added an additional level of pallet stability through the replacement of their previous stretch film products with Carestretch pallet wrapping film – and as a bonus, the higher performance offered by this product has also reduced the amount of film required to wrap each pallet.

Significant results for ongoing benefits

By analysing and adjusting Iceland’s packaging products and processes, we’ve been able to deliver substantial benefits that will continue year-on-year:

  • Reduction in plastic packaging waste – 59% reduction in wrapping film required for each pallet
  • Reduction in general packaging waste – Removed the need for corner posts, and reduced layer sheets by 2/3rds
  • Money saved – 42% reduction in annual pallet wrapping costs
  • Improved pallet performance – better pallet stability means less damaged and returned stock

Need help to reduce packaging costs and waste?

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