How new packaging solutions saved Havelok more than just hassle

International suppliers of quality seafood, Havelock Ltd, approached us for help with their food packaging solutions at their Grimsby factory, and we were delighted to deliver a range of benefits including:

  • More cash flow control
  • Reduction in waste
  • Fewer returns

This is how we achieved it…

The problem

When they got in touch with us, the cartons Havelok were using for their packaging were prone to collapsing and crushing, and their supplier’s high minimum order and delivery quantities were also causing issues with storage space.

Not only was the client experiencing specific issues with their food packaging quality, but they were also interested to see where we could add further value too. So they also asked us to identify any opportunities to help them reduce packaging costs and waste, along with any recommendations that would streamline their processes and offer greater operational efficiency.

Process and packaging improvements

Upon investigation, our packaging experts soon noticed that the board grades used in all of their food packaging products were unfortunately not adequate for the job at hand, and their pallet stack patterns had not been optimised – causing issues in transit that could easily be avoided.

In terms of their processes, it also soon became clear that they needed a fresh look at their stockholding approach and lead times. A new solution was definitely required, one that would give them the flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands without impacting on output.

 In order to address the existing problems, we conducted line-by-line trials to identify and implement the correct board grades across the range of cartons they use, to achieve the guaranteed strength and performance needed. We also advised on and implemented stack pattern best practice, improving pallet optimisation while also reducing packaging waste.

To solve the stock sticking-points, we set the client up with our MySupply online ordering portal and put a ‘stock and store’ solution in place to help them. This allows them to view available stock for call-off, access daily deliveries on a just-in-time basis, while also giving them the facility to run spend and packaging waste reports for deeper insights and better operational management.

Smarter packaging solutions delivering a range of efficiencies

In addition to the 23% cost savings and 52,435kg in waste savings we’ve delivered per year, our transit packaging solutions have also benefited our client’s business by. The implementation of the new packaging solutions and operational processes has provided many business improvements for Havelok:

  • Improved cash flow thanks to less money tied up in stock
  • Improved packaging optimisation resulting in less waste
  • Reduced risk – with minimal stock now held on site, space is less restricted for a safer site
  • Improved productivity – the ability to adapt to demand means less downtime and better output
  • Improved performance – fit-for-purpose packaging means fewer returns and less hassle

How can our food packaging specialists help you?

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