How our transit packaging solutions brought huge gains for Faccenda Foods

When Faccenda Foods asked us to carry out an operations audit and assessment at each of their six UK sites, they were delighted with the results that our transit packaging solutions brought them, including:

  • Saving money with a 23% reduction in annual packaging costs
  • An annual reduction of 52,000kg in plastic packaging waste

This is how we achieved it…

The challenge

In addition to reducing packaging costs and packaging waste, the client also wanted us to help them implement more efficient processes and streamline their transit packaging supplies across all of their sites.

Our full and thorough audit of their current products and systems allowed us to pinpoint some clear opportunities for improvement.

Implementing new and improved packaging solutions

Having identified areas that were costing unnecessary money, time, and packaging waste, we provided solutions to tighten up Faccenda’s processes and bring impressive cross-site benefits.

We suggested using the higher yield Carestretch™ machine and Carewrap™ films along with optimising the machine settings. This created significant reductions in plastic packaging waste and saved money, with additional gains made by replacing pallet wrap machinery where required.

Due to performance issues with their usual hand pallet wrap, we replaced it with Carewrap™ film as the standardised product throughout all six sites, enabling enhanced operator efficiencies at the lowest possible cost per wrapped pallet available. Carepole dispensers were also installed at some sites to reduce operator effort and risk of RSI.

We also implemented a standardised group-wide specification for all packaging tapes to reduce and manage costs, along with longer hand tape rolls to reduce downtime and core waste.

Results and long-term benefits

In addition to the 23% cost savings and 52,435kg reduction in packaging waste, we’ve delivered per year, our transit packaging solutions have also benefited our client’s business by:

  • Reducing risk – pallet containment force improved or maintained, fewer RSI claims thanks to the operators using Carepole.
  • Being less hassle – one supplier across all group sites and multiple SKUs
  • Improving efficiency – newer, better machinery reduces downtime for increased productivity

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