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Case Studies – Mackle Pet Foods

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51% reduction in pallet wrap usage and 54% reduction in cardboard packaging waste for Mackle Pet Foods


Lindum were engaged to help Mackle reduce packaging waste, as requested by Sainsbury’s.  In addition, we were asked to look at other areas of improvement including pallet configurations to improve stability and volume of product per pallet.



  • Pallet configurations could be improved allowing additional product on every pallet. 12 packs (144 tins) extra per pallet and on boxed product an extra 80 pots per pallet
  • Implementing Carestretch ™ 551 film reduced the amount of pallet wrap used by 51% and provided greater pallet stability
  • Cardboard layer pads were switched for anti-slip paper layer sheets on the tinned products delivering a 54% reduction in packaging weight
  • Cardboard corners were eliminated on the pallets of Natura through using Caregrip™ anti-slip paper layer sheets. The weight of the corners was 664g per pallet.



  • Less waste through 51% reduction in pallet wrap usage and 54% reduction in packaging waste
  • Less cost through 34% reduction in pallet wrap costs plus 22% reduction in packaging weight by elimination of cardboard corners together with 5.9% increase in product value per pallet resulting in reduced transport costs

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