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Case Studies – Iceland

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18 tonne reduction in plastic waste and 42% reduction in packaging costs for Iceland Manufacturing


Iceland Manufacturing invited Lindum to assess their current packaging processes, identify opportunities for improvement and recommend any necessary changes to produce more efficient packaging operations.



We identified the following opportunities for improvement:

  • Pallet stability
  • Packaging waste and cost reduction by removing excess packaging components
  • Improving end of line capabilities and efficiency



We implemented the following solutions:

  • Use of Caregrip pallet layer sheets to improve carton strength, pallet stability and reduce packaging waste by eliminating cardboard corners & corrugated layer sheets.
  • Use of high performance Carestretch pallet wrapping film to reduce the amount of film required to wrap each pallet and to increase stability.



  • Less plastic – 59% less pallet wrapping film used to wrap each pallet. This equates to removing more than 19 of these full of plastic from the waste stream every year!!
  • Less packaging waste – No cardboard corners or corrugated layer sheets.
  • Less risk – Improvement in pallet stability.
  • Less cost – 42% reduction in pallet wrapping costs.

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