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Case Studies – Faccenda Foods

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23% annual reduction in packaging cost and 52,000 KG less packaging waste for Faccenda Foods


Faccenda Foods invited Lindum to audit and assess the packaging operations at each site in order to:

  • Identify potential to reduce costs and packaging waste
  • Streamline supply of transit packaging lines across all sites
  • Implement more efficient packaging processes


Findings and Solutions:

We identified the following opportunities for improvement across the 6 sites:

  • Machine pallet wrap – Across all sites costs and waste were reduced by using higher yield machine Carestretch™ and Carewrap™ films and optimising the machine settings. In some cases, replacement palletwrap machinery was provided to reduce costs and waste even further.
  • Hand pallet wrap – All sites were standardized to use the most cost effective Carewrap™ film. This provides enhanced operator efficiencies and the lowest possible cost per wrapped pallet.  Performance issues with the incumbent film were resolved, and use of a Carepole dispenser at some sites reduces operator effort and risk of RSI.
  • Hand tape – Longer rolls were introduced to reduce downtime and reduce waste due to less cores. Also, a standardized specification was implemented across the group.
  • Machine tape – a standardized specification was implemented to reduce cost across the group.



  • Less Cost – Annual Cost Saving of 23%
  • Less Waste – Annual Waste Saving of 52,435.05kg
  • Less Risk – Pallet containment force improved or maintained, fewer RSI claims from operators wrapping pallets using Carepole
  • Less Hassle – One supplier across all sites and multiple SKUs
  • Less Downtime – New machinery installed where required to improve efficiency


What Faccenda had to say:

About the machinery:

“Extremely happy with the wrappers… making my staff members daily tasks easier has been easily achieved. Highly recommended, hope to do business again soon.…” – Wayne Burden, Production Section Manager


About the savings:

“In an industry that is really competitive, achieving marginal gains throughout our business can make a big difference.  The support Lindum have provided has benefited our people, our business and also the environment. I don’t think anyone can ask for more than that.” – Amber Mattock, Procurement Manager

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