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Every week UK Food Manufacturers send tonnes of pallet wrap to their customers. This is immediately disposed of. Thrown away. Hopefully it gets recycled, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it ends up in the hedgerow you drive past on your way home from work.  Sometimes it goes to landfill where it can take over 100 years to decompose.

Lindum are delighted to launch Carewrap with BioZ, the first truly oxo-biodegradable pallet wrapping film!

Carewrap with BioZ incorporates all the benefits of our original Carewrap; Caring for your product, caring for the operator and now with the additional advantage of caring for the environment.

Carewrap with BioZ will oxo-biodegrade naturally within a 1–2 year timeframe, so you can help prevent long-term plastic pollution and reduce the effects of litter on our planet.

Every gram makes a difference.

For more information or to arrange a product demonstration, call us on 01469 574480 or email

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