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With decades of experience of the packaging industry, you can trust our specialists to recommend the right solutions for you.

As a family firm, we’re proud to deliver personal and friendly service, whether we’re advising on process changes to make your packaging operations more efficient, or the latest packaging innovation to improve your pallet stability and overall packaging performance.
We understand your problems, whether that’s spoiled loads due to unstable pallets low quality products that are ultimately costing you money, or excess packaging waste due to using inferior products.

Our reputation stands or falls with our results, so we strive to do every job right first time. We know that helping you save money and reduce plastic packaging waste isn’t just good for your business, it’s good for ours too.

A family firm with family values

We work hard to retain the family feel for the Lindum team. We think that gives us strength as a business. We are truly independent, can recruit people who share our values, and family ownership delivers continuity and stability.

While each fresh generation ensures continuity, it also brings new ideas and innovations. We know that continuing to succeed, and helping our clients to do the same, relies on always knowing about the next big thing in packaging.

We strive to keep ahead with our products and solutions, which is why we are the only packaging consultancy business in the UK to have invested in a mobile pallet stability test lab, which gives us the technology to prove our packaging solutions will save money, reduce plastic packaging, CO2 and improve pallet performance.

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