30% recycled content product range launched!

30% recycled content product range launched!

In line with our commitment to helping companies reduce their plastic usage within their packaging operations, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest range of products made with 30% recycled content.

The range has been in development to not only add further sustainable packaging options to our existing range, but also to help companies address the requirements of the Plastics Tax – which takes effect in just under 6 months.

The Plastics Tax means that plastic packaging products used in your transit packaging operations with any less than 30% recycled content will make you liable to pay the tax.

You can view our recycled content range here. In summary, we have developed machine wrap which incorporates nano technology – allowing a more environmentally-friendly product with the added benefits of nano stretch film. There is also a stretch film option for pallet wrapping by hand, as well as packaging tape for machine and manual carton sealing. Pallet hood covers also features in the range.

Lindum’s Rick Sellars, our in-house packaging technologist says: “We are thrilled to launch this new recycled content range, which we have been working on for quite some time. The Plastics Tax is getting ever closer and these new products will help our customers remove or limit the liabilities of the tax within their packaging operations.”

As a market leading packaging supplier, we help businesses reduce their plastic and their CO2 footprint within their packaging operations, and now our recycled content offering will be a further step forward.

In addition to our standard recycled content products, we can also work closely with businesses to address their individual needs ahead of the Plastics Tax and help with non-standard products that still contain the required 30% recycled content.

Rick adds: “One thing we are keen to know when we speak to clients about the Plastics Tax is their specific needs. Pallet wrap amounts to huge amounts of plastic usage per year, so our standard range covers that. However, there are plenty of other products where recycled content could be utilised. That’s where we can really make a difference. Recently for example, we worked closely with a manufacturing company with heat shrink film with 30% recycled content, which will save them thousands of pounds in tax liability.”

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